Harmonize industry scale renewable energy portfolios

Breeze - Wind Farm Management System
Breeze is the leading wind energy software used globally by industry professionals to capture the true potential of their investments and optimize wind portfolio management.

Bright - Solar PV Management System
Industry-leading solar photovoltaic software to monitor, analyze, control and maintain utility scale solar PV farms.

Weather data and software for solar power investments

iMaps - High-resolution interactive map tool for exploring the solar energy potential

pvPlanner - Easy-to-use photovoltaic simulation software for quick and reliable calculation of solar electricity potential

climData - For advanced energy modelling and design optimization of solar power plants

pvSpot - Receive regular updates of Solargis data for performance monitoring of photovoltaic systems

solarMaps - Solar power forecast for up to 10 days ahead

dataServices - Integrate Solargis data into your applications, effectively request data for a large number of projects